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I worked in the Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Trades over 35 years and seen a lot of changes and repaired or replaced a lot of parts and equipment in that time. I followed in my fathers footsteps starting at about 12 years old and i would work on weekends helping out where ever needed. We came from a big family, so it was nice getting to know how my father was on weekends, We could share a lot and he gave me knowledge as he trained me. He worked for a BIG plumbing concern in Kingston,NY.

Then as i got older, I also began to work for that firm, but i wanted more, So i started taking training and trade school courses until i had enough know-how to go into business for myself. I past all my Master Plumbers Exams and now have my licenses for PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING. I am E.P.A. UNIVERSAL 608 FOR AIR-CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION. I believe we do our job to the FULLEST so give us a try.

We believe in "THE RIGHT JOB-THE RIGHT PRICE ATTITUDE" and you cant ask for better. We have the best in "QUALIFIED KEY TECHNICIANS" which is important to any company today.

CALL US @ (845)-431-6678 or @ (845)-658-8314


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